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The Air America Foundation

...was created to pay tribute to the crews and employees of one of the world's most amazing air operations ever attempted during the Vietnam War, in what history has come to call "The Secret War".

Our mission is to bring the Air America Story to the people across the USA, using our C-123 K and other aircraft as classrooms and repositories of history.

Mission Statement

The Air America Foundation is an IRS Approved 501 (c) 3, non-profit educational organization, dedicated to the preservation of historic aircraft used by Air America during the years it operated in Southeast Asia from the 1950's until it ceased operations in 1975.

We someday hope that our C-123K "Provider" and other aircraft, as we acquire them, will serve as flying and static classrooms as they tour the United States, telling the operational history of Air America's missions, and the men and women who served our nation with courage and professionalism.

We, the members of the Air America Foundation, pledge to conduct our mission with the same determination and skill as those pilots and crews whose heroic actions can be recounted after years of secrecy.

We are proud to take the Air America story to the people of the United States, and will assist the Air America Veterans by giving them some long overdue recognition for their heroic and unselfish actions under some of the most difficult flying conditions by a scheduled airline anywhere!




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The Air America Foundation is not to be confused with The Air America Association. The Air America Asscoiation is the official organization for the vererans of Air America. The winged logo with AA is the official logo of the Air America Association.

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